libMail2008 PHP

libMail2008 is my fork of Leo West and Setec Astronomy's libMail, a PHP class to send e-mails with attachments easily from PHP scripts.
It is released under the GPL.

This is a temporary home page for this class.

You can download packages of libMail2008 here; documentation in Italian and English is found inside the archives.

Latest version is 1.7.0 (January 21st, 2013).

Packages including version 1.4.2 and up are also provided.

Please note: Since version 1.6.2, PHP 4 is no longer supported. If you still need to deploy libMail2008 on PHP 4, please resort to version 1.6.1.

You can contact me if needed.

Version Release date ZIP Archive tar.gz Archive
1.7.0 2013-01-21 libmail2008_v170.tar.gz
1.6.2 2012-04-05 libmail2008_v162.tar.gz
1.6.1 2008-04-17 libmail2008_v161.tar.gz
1.6.0 2008-02-20 libmail2008_v160.tar.gz
2008-01-15 libmail-2008-01-15.tar.gz

Brief version history

1.4.2: bugfix release, forked from Setec Astronomy's version 1.4.1.
version 1.4.2 can replace version 1.4.1 without any need to change your scripts in most cases (see docs for details).

1.5.0: support multipart/alternative. Interface for sending e-mail in HTML format changed.

1.6.0: support multipart/related (HTML with embedded images).

1.6.1: small bugfix to eliminate PHP Notices.

1.6.2: better compatibility with PHP 5.3 and higher (deprecated code was rewritten). Method AntiSpaming() was rewritten and its purpose was clarified in the documentation.

1.7.0: support for more priority headers via new method UsePriority() and changes to Priority().